You are throwing money out the window if you have an online business and you are not collecting any information from your leads. Not only are email lists amazing for exposing your leads to your business or blog — they are also key to building a relationship with your prospects. Below are 5 reasons why building a list is VITAL to any business.

  1. You can bring people back to your site. On average it can take 7-10 exposures before someone buys. Quick Tip: When sending follow-up emails provide VALUE — think quality over quantity.
  2. You can provide a solution to people’s problems. Everyone has problems, show people why what you have is going to fix their problem. If you have the right target audience this will INCREASE your sales.
  3. Emails have a long life span — they sit in someone’s inbox “Unread” until someone opens it. This is the reason you keep getting clicks days after you have sent your email.
  4.  You can promote multiple products to an audience — you are able to send out emails informing people of new products or new offers that you have available.
  5. Autoresponders are life savers! With Aweber you can simultaneously build your list and followup with your leads on automation. You are able to write one email and send to your entire list with one click of a button. I highly recommend trying Aweber’s 30 day FREE TRIAL to test it our for yourself.

With all of that being said — don’t leave money on the table. Do yourself a favor and start building your list NOW instead of later.

Click Here to Get FREE TRIAL

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications


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